The definitive guide to becoming an Internet Marketing expert
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Miguel Angel Todaro is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been advisor of important corporations in marketing, multimedia and e-commerce projects. He is an expert in software development, with strong background in graphic design, multimedia programming and marketing. In 1997 he developed one of Miguel Todarothe first automotive e-commerce projects on the net, for the Italian company Fiat Auto International Corporation. As a consultant he helped major organizations such as UNICEF, AIGA, Oracle and IBM. He also developed experimental multimedia e-learning ventures for different companies in North America, including BP and Methanex Corp.

Take a look of the Internet timeline diagram
Chapter 3 of the book contains a very interesting representation of the evolutionary timeline of Internet in relation to several critical episodes of E-commerce and E-marketing.
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Internet Marketing Methods Revealed: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Internet Marketing Expert

Internet Marketing RevealedInternet Marketing Methods Revealed is a carefully tested, well-crafted, and complete tutorial on a subject vital to Web developers and marketers. This book teaches the fundamentals of online marketing implementation, including Internet strategy planning, the secrets of search engine optimization (SEO), successful techniques to be first in Google and Yahoo!, vertical portals, effective online advertisement, and innovative e-commerce development. This book will help you understand the e-business revolution as it provides strong evidence and practical direction in a friendly and easy-to-use self-study guide.

Respected author and educator Miguel Todaro has created a complete introduction to Internet marketing that is instructive, clear, and insightful. This book is the result of several years of research and deep professional experience implementing online solutions for major corporations. Written in an instructive way, you will find fundamental concepts explained along with detailed diagrams. Many short examples illustrate just one or two concepts at a time, encouraging you to master new topics by immediately putting them to use.

Furthermore, you will find a variety of teaching techniques to enhance your learning, such as notes, illustrations, conceptual guidance, checklists of learned topics, diagrams, advanced tips, and real-world examples to organize and prioritize related concepts. This book is appropriate for marketing professionals as well as Web developers and programmers who have the desire to better understand the principles of this fresh and extraordinary activity that represents the foundation of modern e-commerce.

Finally, you will learn and understand why big and mid-size corporations in North America have redistributed more than $15 billion of their advertising budgets from traditional promotional activities to Internet marketing initiatives. Discover why online users spent more than $112 billion last year ( U.S. and Canada ) and how you can be part of this successful business highway that is redefining the future of the world's digital economy.

Introduction to the book...
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