The definitive guide on becoming an Internet Marketing expert
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Miguel Angel Todaro is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been advisor of important corporations in marketing, multimedia and e-commerce projects. He is an expert in software development, with strong background in graphic design, multimedia programming and marketing. In 1997 he developed one of the first automotive e-commerce projects on the net, for the Italian company Fiat Auto International Corporation. As a consultant he helped major organizations such as UNICEF, AIGA, Oracle and IBM. He also developed experimental multimedia e-learning ventures for different companies in North America, including BP and Methanex Corp.

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I personally search in Google, browse in Firefox, research in Wikipedia and support Open Source initiative.


Internet Marketing Methods Revealed: Table of contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Internet Marketing
- The Internet evolution and the history of the most important websites in the world
- The history of SEO and the basic definition of Internet Marketing and its derivatives
- The fundamentals and principles of Internet Marketing
- The impact of Internet Marketing in the media and traditional advertisement

Chapter 2: Introduction to SEO
- All about SEO and practical implementation guide
- Understanding of conversion rate and its usability
- The fundamentals of ethical SEO
- Professional implementation of website optimization

Chapter 3: Keywords, the cornerstone of a successful SEO
- What is a keyword and its relationship with the SEO
- Classification and usage of keywords in SEO
- Importance of keywords and definition of keyword strategy
- Keyword development and practical instructions to generate impressive keywords
- Development of the Keyword matrix and its importance with search rankings

Chapter 4: Optimization of Web pages
- Detailed optimization techniques and procedures
- Advising for website optimization (special for developers and web programmers)
- The fundamentals optimization and SEO coding
- Practical tips for achieving a professional optimization

Chapter 5: Submission
- The principles of web submission and its relationship with rankings
- Details about web submission tools and overview of applications and services
- Scheduling techniques
- Submission to search engines, directories and other type of portals

Chapter 6: Link popularity and SEO rankings

- The fundamentals of link popularity and its influence in web rankings
- Techniques and secrets for increasing link popularity
- Considerations about web partners and link generation
- Page ranking

Chapter 7: Introduction to PPC campaigns

- Principles of PPC - Introduction to PPC campaigns
- How PPC works and its variations - AdWords and traditional advertisement
- Optimization for PPC and AdWords

Chapter 8: First stage of Sponsored Results
- Beginning of Search Engine's PPC
- PPC planning and details of ads
- Defining campaigns
- Ads management and control

Chapter 9: Keywords for PPC campaigns
- Keyword creation for Search Engine's PPC
- Secrets and tips about successful PPC keywords
- Defining PPC keywords
- How to select the best PPC keywords for your site

Chapter 10: Writing profitable PPC ads

- Importance of PPC ads and its structure
- Components of the ad - Headlines and content significance
- Powerful selling expressions
- Successful ads creation techniques

Chapter 11: PPC Ads optimization

- Techniques to optimize ads
- Traffic tips and tricks
- Professional advises for PPC
- PPC ads fraud

Chapter 12: Newsletters

- History and evolution of newsletters
- Principles of a good newsletter
- Successful secrets and real examples
- News and the categorization of the market

Chapter 13: Direct Email Marketing

- Direct marketing history - Email marketing secrets
- Professional advises for Email Marketing
- Direct Email Marketing strategy and techniques
- Email campaigns

Chapter 14: Powerful press campaigns
- Classification of press releases
- Marketing value of press releases
- Press release strategy
- Propagation and additional SEO value

Chapter 15: Internet marketing integration

- All the options in Internet Marketing
- Blog Marketing and SMO
- Advertising options
- Affiliate, Viral and Interactive Marketing
- Internet marketing analytics

Chapter 16: E-commerce strategy and development

- History of e-Commerce
- Electronic commerce integration
- Connection between Internet Marketing and e-Commerce
- Electronic storefront and eBay strategy

Chapter 17: The shopping cart

- Importance of the shopping cart in e-Commerce
- Characteristics of the shopping cart
- Implementation of online shopping cart

Chapter 18: CMS under the magnifying glass

- Characteristics of CMS - Different types of CMS
- Detailed overview about CMSs and SEO Chapter 19: Traffic makers
- Traffic sellers and their operation
- The SEO rainmakers
- Traffic vs. buyers

Appendix A: Flash and SEO

Appendix B: Drop shipping technique

Appendix C: Content Management System (CMS)

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