The definitive guide on becoming an Internet Marketing expert
  About the author
Miguel Angel Todaro is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been advisor of important corporations in marketing, multimedia and e-commerce projects. He is an expert in software development, with strong background in graphic design, multimedia programming and marketing. In 1997 he developed one of Miguel Todarothe first automotive e-commerce projects on the net, for the Italian company Fiat Auto International Corporation. As a consultant he helped major organizations such as UNICEF, AIGA, Oracle and IBM. He also developed experimental multimedia e-learning ventures for different companies in North America, including BP and Methanex Corp.

Introduction of the book
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I personally search in Google, browse in Firefox, research in Wikipedia and support Open Source initiative.


Internet evolution timeline

The diagram provides significant data, oriented to show a complete snapshot of the evolution of important companies and events that impacted in the evolution of the E-Marketing and E-Commerce - Click on the image to enlarge -

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