Internet Marketing Revealed: The Complete Guide to Becoming an Internet Marketing Specialist
By Miguel Todaro
Internet MarketingA complete guide with innovative perspective about Internet Marketing and all the related activities.
Internet Marketing Revealed is a solid tutorial reference guide plenty of examples and step-by-step instructions. Take a look to the overview of the book by clicking here.

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I personally search in Google, browse in Firefox, research in Wikipedia and support Open Source initiative.



Miguel Todaro has been advisor of important corporations in marketing, multimedia and e-commerce projects. He is an expert in software development, with strong background in graphic design, multimedia programming and marketing.

In 1997 he developed one of the first successful automotive e-commerce projects on the net, for the Italian company Fiat Auto International Corporation. The site received several awards and recognitions form international media.
As a consultant he helped major organizations such as UNICEF, AIGA, Oracle and IBM. He also developed experimental multimedia e-learning ventures for different companies in North America, including BP and Methanex Corp.

He has been academic teacher in different universities in Argentina for more than 7 years, participated in different educational forums and collaborating in the developing of school programs. Currently is deploying an importanmt e-learning experimental project, applying the collaborative open source concept.


Amazon.com review...
By Matt Walker (Tucson, AR) - "Now, let me be honest, I am a skeptic of any "secrets" or "tricks" revealed in any book. Throw in the term "internet marketing" and you can add another dose of skepticism. But, Todaro threads the needle here and has put together an excellent resource that is not only full of excellent outreach ideas, search engine optimization tactics, and an understanding of pay per click advertising. But, most importantly, Todaro puts all of these methods and tactics in context with a grounded explanation of how the market functions in relation to the tactics and tools.
For me, this was key. Understanding the market relationship to the tools and not solely a step-by-step prescription was huge. I didn't want a panacea, but an understanding of how to use these tools to help catapult my reach in my market niche. Todaro nailed it." Read more reviews...

Finally revealed...
PRlog comment online about the Internet Marketing revealed, published on November 24th 2008.

Real optimization allows first or second place without investing a dime. SEO is more than an elaborated technique. It's Art. Must begin with intense strategy and clever implementation and finish with intuitive direction.
Internet Marketing Revealed is a powerful tool designed to provide all the ingredients for a successful recipe, with proven business cases, and instructive explanation of professional secrets. More...

Miguel Todaro is currently working on two other books regarding Open Source Marketing and Excecutive Presentation efectiveness.

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